Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The Bee Informed Partnership Survey: Help Fight Colony Loss

Why you matter: Please take the survey today!

It is not often that a solitary beekeeper, endeavoring to help nature, the environment and provide teachable moments to family, neighbors and coworkers, can make a difference, but in this case, you can.

It is April and time to limber your fingers and take the Bee Informed Partnership’s National Loss and Management survey! 

Take the Survey Now!

Starting now and continuing until April 30th, your responses from this survey provide invaluable information that DIRECTLY contribute to garnering a clear picture of honey bee health throughout the country and helps guide best management practices. Thank you for all the beekeepers who, for 10 years now, have taken the time to complete the Colony Loss survey. Additional appreciation goes to those beekeepers who have provided data for our Management survey for the past 5 years. From YOU, we have determined year after year that treating for Varroa is one core actionable practice you can do to help your colony survive.

Only 46% of beekeepers reported using a varroa mite product last year. From respondents to this survey, we see that those who DO treat, lose ~27% fewer colonies. That is marked reduction in losses! This is a trend that has remained consistent from every management survey we have conducted to date.

To help us continue this effort, click the link below to take the National Colony Loss and Management Survey for the 2015-2016 season: Take the Survey Now!

Thank you for your continued support and all our best for healthy colonies in 2016
– The Bee Informed Partnership Team

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