Monday, March 26, 2012

Bee Days at the Bee Farm

We have had two Bee Package pick up days thus far with another coming this Thursday (March 30, 2012). These days have been buzzing with exhilaration as customers pick up their packages of bees and watching the demonstration of an installation. 

Keeping Packages Cool

Having 300 packages of bees with two industrial fans keeping them cool was a great reason for customers and spectators to stop by the Bee Farm and see the excitement in the air.

Holding the Queen Cage

For those customers who missed out on the demonstration or for those who are interested in how to install a package of bees, Brushy Mountain offers an online video (an updated version is soon to come) that can be accessed on our website:

Showing a Drone

Holding a Drone

Difference Between Working and Drone

During the demonstration, spectators were able to overcome their fears and hold a bee as a Drone was passed around. This brought on many questions and an understanding of how harmless Honey Bees actually are.

Our NUC pick up days are coming up at our North Carolina location. For those who are new to purchasing a NUC rather than a Package of Bees here are some advantages:
  • Queen is already accepted within colony
  • Colony is established with 5 frame of drawn cone
  • Little wait before colony brings in their own food supply
  • Have a NUC box for future use (or credit upon return)

This is the first year that Brushy Mountain has offered NUCs for purchase and pick up. We will be holding a demonstration on each pick up day so if you are unfamiliar or unsure about the installation process of a NUC we welcome you and recommend you stay and ask questions.

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